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Course Description:

This short lecture series will give research students some general ideas in scientific writing and technical presentation, for example how to write a good research paper, how to get your paper published and recognized, how to orgnize and compose your dissertation and how to give a nice technical presentation. Hope all of the students can learn a little bit from this short lecture series.

Course Slides:

  • Please download the sldies from here (for year 2012).
  • Exam paper cover can be found from here.

Supporting materials:

Important note: Please hand in your exam paper on or before Sept. 06 (THU).

Disclaimer The videos and supporting materials used in this class are used for teaching purpose only. The copyrights are solely belong to the original orgnizations or companies. Special thanks to these orgnizations or companies. Any questions, plz contact me by lxie at Comments and Suggestions are more than welcome.


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